Submit Your Music For Our Workout Show/Platform

Phab Fuzion is happy to  announce that our very own exercise segments will air during the new TV show "LYV" on the "All Nations TV" station platform starting this summer of 2021. Our health and wellness segments will air across 19,000+ cities in the US as well as online globally, and via your smart phone (find the ANTV app in your play store). We will also be looking for music to support our virtual exercise library video platform as well. So invite all musicians, producers, and artists/bands to submit their songs or instrumentals to be played during our virtual "Phab 2 Go" fitness platform. If you are interested please make a note of the following requirements before submission:


-All music must be owned and/or show proof that the artist has rights/permission to allow Phab the use of the musical content (a form will be provided).

-Music is around 130/132 bpm, 128bpm, 140/150 bpm and/or lower (if not sure about the beats per minute just send your song ).

-All music submitted must be free of samples and original songs (no covers please). *Unless you can prove you have clearance of such samples.

-All music must have good sound quality/mix, and edited (remove)/free from any profanity.

*Please fill out the form below for your music inquiry.






Phab Fuzion Music Submission Form

Send MP3 formats to: