The Possibilities Are Endless!

Live Streaming Personal Training:

What You Get?

  •  8- 30 Minute(s) Live Streaming workout sessions with your assigned Phab Trainer.

  • A personal food journal evaluation  of eating habits & suggestions sent via email by your trainer.

  • Jump start nutritional plan of action that includes healthy recipes (please let your trainer know about any allergies in the questionnaire).

  • Fitness Homework (Assigned workout to use and complete to compliment training sessions). 

  • Private Phab Squad Forum Group

  • 24/7 Email & Direct PFZ Trainer WhatsApp Access (During business hours).

Flab 2 Phab (12 Week(s) Virtual Program): 

What You Get?

  • Receive 2 Custom Virtual Workouts  

  • 3-Day Detox Plan 

  • Jump Start 4 Week Essential Meal Plan Template (please note any food allergies in the questionnaire). 

  • 1 Health Coach 30 Minute(s) Zoom or Phone Call Session.

  • Food journal evaluation of eating habits & suggestions sent via email by your trainer.

  • Phab Squad T-Shirt & Certificate of Completion.

  • Optional Fitness Spotlight On Our Site.

  • Private Phab Squad Forum Group

  •  24/7 Email Access/Check-ins by Trainer.

*Before & After pictures are required to monitor your progress. We suggest all our clients to take measurements and note their weight. 

    "Not My Temple" 8 week(s) Virtual Program:

    What You Get?

    • Access to Phab's Exercise library/1 Custom Virtual Workout created and instructed w/your trainer's guidance.

    • Nutritional plan of action that includes healthy recipes (please note any food allergies in the questionnaire).

    • Private Phab Squad Forum Group

    • 24/7 Email Access


    Live Streaming (Most Popular)

    Has your gym membership or workouts been effected by the pandemic? Don't plan on walking up in a commercial gym anytime soon? Looking for alternative ways to get your workout on? Or are you thinking... not enough time? Well, I guarantee you got at least 30 minute(s) out your day to get your sweat on with a Phab Trainer. So come relieve some stress and workout via Live Stream Personal Training (Face Time); where a Phab Trainer exercises with you anywhere via the World Wide Web in the comfort of your own home on a weekly basis. This is perfect for those who are on travel, just don't want the hassle of driving to a gym, and/or need that accountability, especially during those cold winter months! Let Phab help get it right and get it tight for your next event or goal! Our trainers are available: 6am-6:00pm EST zone. 

    *Special Note: When scheduling appointments, please be mindful of your time zone if you are outside of the EST zone.  Please fill out the personal training online questionnaire below so your trainer can prepare for your program of choice after purchase. If you have additional questions feel free to reach us on our contact page.

    Virtual Workout Programs

    This is a NO EXCUSE option to allow anyone to get started on their fitness journey or for maintenance purposes. Let one of our personal trainers design a custom workout to assist in meeting your fitness goals. Simply purchase the custom-designed workout option to do on your own time or take a more hands-on approach with guidance from a trainer with our online virtual programs (Not My Temple or Flab 2 Phab). These two programs are available in an 8 or 12 week(s) process that is VERY AFFORDABLE. Enroll into one of these programs today and murder that fat on your own terms!

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