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Lisa Cooper Powell (Gary, IN)

For years I had always struggled with my weight and one thing I had always desired was to have a personal trainer. 

In 2018, I was blessed to meet Dana Lawrence; who would turn out to be just who I had been waiting for. I explained to her my struggle with weight loss and a plan was put in place. Not only was I given a exercise program designed for my body type and areas that needed specific targeting a diet was also given. 

Within months the inches were falling off and I was finally after years of struggling watching the weight come off. As a result of the weight loss my blood pressure has regulated and the pressure over my knees has subsided. I still keep in touch with  Dana and she continues to keep my motivated.

Lisa Before

Lisa Before

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Lisa After

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Rebecca M. (Baltimore, MD) 

For my 38th birthday, I asked my husband to buy personal training sessions for me at the gym in my office building.   For the last 6 years, post baby, I wasn’t able to get back in to the routine of working out and finding the time was even harder.  I needed to be “shown the way” and Dana did just that. She took the time to understand my goals and put together an exercise program for me to follow at the gym and at home on my own offering tips on household items that can be used in strength training.  After several months and with the unrelenting support from Dana, I have lost weight and inches and have more energy to keep up with my active 6 year old! I am looking forward to more personal training with Dana in the future to further my goals and get the most out of my workouts.  

Jerry H. (York, PA) 

I started at the 12th floor gym during the summer with the intention of independently getting in better shape and losing some extra weight I’ve been carrying for a little over a decade.  After a few weeks of going every day and doing the same basic self-created routine, I realized I wasn’t really making any noticeable progress. After asking a couple questions, I decided to sign up for ten personal training sessions with Dana.  Dana was very accommodating in setting up a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon schedule for my sessions and very flexible when my work schedule gets in the way. The sessions are never repetitive and get progressively more intense as my strength and stamina increase.   She explains each exercise and which muscles are targeted and makes certain my form is correct. Dana also keeps track of my gym visits on non-session days and is very encouraging at all times. In the first week of sessions, she had my keep a journal of all food consumption and then quickly returned recommendations for where my intake could be improved to match my goals.  I am just about to complete my second set of ten sessions and am much further along in my fitness goals than I would have been without Dana’s impressive help. 

Ellie N. (Baltimore, MD) 

 I have three kids and work full time, so I have to maximize the small amount of time I have to work out.  Dana inspires me to work very hard in that small amount of time.  Since I started classes like Cardio Interval, HITT and Boot Camp Circuit with Dana, I have more energy, am physically stronger, and have more confidence inside and outside of the gym.  Dana is a great motivator, keeps the energy high during class, and always, always pushes us to our own individual edge.  It is always a challenging experience, and I’m always kind of amazed when I make it to the end of class, but it’s a lot of fun, too.  Dana Lawrence is an expert trainer.